How to Be an Informed Buyer of Higher Education

Don't settle for less than your first choice of college.

As the cost of higher education continues to soar, many families send their children to colleges that may not be among their first choices, because they think that's all they can afford.

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Is a private college really out of reach?

If you believe in the common misconception that private colleges "cost more" than state schools, learn why, in the majority of cases, this isn't really true--and how you CAN afford a best-fit school for your student.

Our educational workshop will help you:

  • Learn which schools are best fits for your student
  • Maximize opportunities and awards for financial aid
  • Reduce your out-of-pocker costs
  • Protect your income and assets
  • Market your student to the right colleges
  • Limit parents and student debt
  • Become an informed buyer of college education

Don't pay one dollar more than necessary for a college education.

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